Goodbye Summer Job!

In one of our requirement, we had to take photos yesterday at work for our portfolio. And as most of you know, today is the day we’ve been waiting for all this time of summer. It’s our last working day as a Clerk for this year at Brgy. San Juan. I’m feeling really happy because we are finally done with our contract but at the same time, sad. Sad because  I’m gonna miss everything and everyone at work! It has been a wonderful time working there among great people. Though it’s kind of awkward because most of them are a lot older than me there are only about 2 people who are close to my age. Hehe. I loved my job! Working has made me learn a lot.

Alex and Angelo



Rockin’ the Secretary’s Office! I know it’s kinda fail but I can’t help but laugh at the shooting because they were all watching me! Scripted much? Hahahahahahah!

Alex working on the computer

Thank you so much everyone especiall to Alex for all the photos! ❤

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