Happy Birthday, Jmboy! <3

Last April 19, Thursday we went somewhere in San Miguel, Bulacan to celebrate Jmboy’s 16th on his actual birthday. The place is owned by his Uncle who’s a well-known politician in Bulacan. I think it’s a rest house, a private place used only by his family and their guests. I can say that it is  a very nice place where you can relax after you visit the town and also a really great place to stay. It has a private pool, a mini farm, great rooms and a beautiful view! Perfect!

We travelled for like 2 hours. Yeah, it’s quite far but it was worth it. First thing we did when we reached the place was, we rest then had a quick lunch, took a walk on the farm, merienda, swimming and dinner. Then we went back to Jmboy’s house to continue his birthday celebration. We had a mini inuman session sponsored by Darel, my baby. And for the finale, we had a scary and fun sleepover!

The birthday boy!

Happy happy happy happy happy birthday BB! I wish you all the best! Mwahh

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