My High School Graduation

After all the hardships and sacrfices I’ve gone through my secondary school level, I’ve finally graduated high school from St. Paul College of Bocaue! I love this school so much! I consider SPCB my second home! Because this is where I learn a lot of things and grew up. Thanks to my teachers, classmates, friends and bestfriends for all! Without them, I’m nothing.

By 12:30 PM, I went to Artista Salon to get my hair and make up done (this might be turning into my favorite salon ever when it comes to hair and make up) then I’m ready to go!


With my parents

Cheska baby, my bestfriend for 3 years now!

With the girls I’m inlove with right now! They make my 4th year life so much fun! I love them so so much!!!

Chino, my gala buddy.

Us with Zoey

With Kayle’s handsome cousin 😉

Treng, Mackzel, Jepoy, Kirk, Zo and Jose

Me and Pibz

Treng, Me and Tin. My bff’s from the very start! I won’t ever forget them!

Champsy, one of my coolest friend in high school.

Then we celebrated my success at Hap Chan, an authentic Chinise cuisine in the Philippines. Cheers!

After four long years, it’s now time to enter college. Thank you so much for my family for supporting me all my life especially my mom! I promise to repay you soon!  Wish me luck with my future!

Thank you so much God for everything! I owe you bigtime! ❤

To God be the glory!


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