After Show

Went to Tomas Morato after the show. Our first stop was at Cheesecake, etc. We we’re so effin’ thirsty that time so we tried their mouthwatering milkshake. Yes, mouthwatering.

Chocolate Milkshake

I knew it, Yani! I knew it!!! Hahahahahahahah!

Then we looked for a buffet restaurant after for our late lunch but we ended up eating at Mang Inasal. Gosh, I’m so pissed..

After eating, we looked for a venue for our event on May. There were so many good places there but the prices are too damn high.

Since we’re not satisfied with the venues at Tomas Morato we went to Katipunan to look for another one.

Too bad, we did not find any venues at all so we had to stopped by at Jollibee to wash off our bad vibes mood.

Last stop: Eastwood! Went to NYFD to meet Ais for the Lights Out tix and for us to rest. Hahaha!


Bowling trip!!!

T’was a very long fun fun fun day! I so so so love my girls! ❤


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