Fridate at Serenade

Yesterday was a long, but rewarding, day. Went to Harana after school for Videoke dinner with friends. This wasn’t really an event. It was more of a “take a break” from all our usually long, tiring busy day from school.

I’ll be starting my post with this picture it’s because I miss Gabe, a lot.

Gabe, Yani, Kayle, Jmboy and Darel

With my girls

Master Beard!!!

I’m so inlove with BB’s top! So ganda!!

We’re sexy and we know it!!!

Party! Party!

Yowanina is secretly seducing Jmboy. See?


The Late Comers

Me and Jmboy

Darel and Gabe

Julius with his favorite mukhasim face pose

Pork Sisig lovin’

With the bestest people!!!!

Tita Olga, Kayle’s mom.


Singing Diva lang ang peg!! Chos! Hahahahahhah!

Yes to 20% discount! Woohoo

Yani, Jmboy and Me

Jmboy and Kayle

Faith and Julius ❤

Yeah man!!

Ice cream fight!

Julius jeje =))

Yani and BB was doing a interpreatative dance while I was singing. So funny! =)))

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! This girl always makes me laugh, that’s why I super love her!

Darel, my baby.


Go Yani!

A song dedicated to Jmboy! Hahahahahah! This really suits him and his big butt. Lol.


I really had fun!!! Thanks to you guys especially to Kayle!!! Until next time! 🙂


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