My High School Graduation

After all the hardships and sacrfices I’ve gone through my secondary school level, I’ve finally graduated high school from St. Paul College of Bocaue! I love this school so much! I consider SPCB my second home! Because this is where I learn a lot of things and grew up. Thanks to my teachers, classmates, friends and bestfriends for all! Without them, I’m nothing.

By 12:30 PM, I went to Artista Salon to get my hair and make up done (this might be turning into my favorite salon ever when it comes to hair and make up) then I’m ready to go!


With my parents

Cheska baby, my bestfriend for 3 years now!

With the girls I’m inlove with right now! They make my 4th year life so much fun! I love them so so much!!!

Chino, my gala buddy.

Us with Zoey

With Kayle’s handsome cousin 😉

Treng, Mackzel, Jepoy, Kirk, Zo and Jose

Me and Pibz

Treng, Me and Tin. My bff’s from the very start! I won’t ever forget them!

Champsy, one of my coolest friend in high school.

Then we celebrated my success at Hap Chan, an authentic Chinise cuisine in the Philippines. Cheers!

After four long years, it’s now time to enter college. Thank you so much for my family for supporting me all my life especially my mom! I promise to repay you soon!  Wish me luck with my future!

Thank you so much God for everything! I owe you bigtime! ❤

To God be the glory!



May 18, 2012 (FRIDAY) – 8:00 PM

At Ariato Function Centre (Penthouse Level), Il Terrazzo, 305 Tomas Morato Ave., Cor. Scout Madrinan, Quezon City, Philippines

Everyone’s Invited! Catch the first ever party of Beyond Limitations MNL!

Are you ready to go sexy?! Join us and unleash the wild in you.
Be here and witness this awesome event.
It’s gonna be a night where you can unleash your steam.
Get naughty and hell yeah flirty! Because we will take you to the peak of sexual excitement characterized by strong feeling of pleasure.
Get wicked and party like never before!

We got 2 DJ’s on deck spinning the sickest hiphop and mash up tunes!
Together with 2 MC’s! All from Ministry of Sound MNL!

Plus Sexified Dance Battles so you better shake it off!
☑Coolest Dougie!
☑Hottest Booty Shake!
☑Sexiest Swanging!

Intensity Mobile Bar will be providing unlimited drinks to help you get intoxicated and all liquored up! Guaranteed unlimted!!!

Don’t forget to stop by and smile, get wacky, play sweet or silly with our Unlimited Photobooth!



The Event Organizers has the right to refuse entry.

Photo Coverage by: Jules Punzalan
VIP: P500


Brought to you by: Beyond Limitations MNL

PS: RSVP and Invite your friends to our event!

Other updates will be posted soon!

After Show

Went to Tomas Morato after the show. Our first stop was at Cheesecake, etc. We we’re so effin’ thirsty that time so we tried their mouthwatering milkshake. Yes, mouthwatering.

Chocolate Milkshake

I knew it, Yani! I knew it!!! Hahahahahahahah!

Then we looked for a buffet restaurant after for our late lunch but we ended up eating at Mang Inasal. Gosh, I’m so pissed..

After eating, we looked for a venue for our event on May. There were so many good places there but the prices are too damn high.

Since we’re not satisfied with the venues at Tomas Morato we went to Katipunan to look for another one.

Too bad, we did not find any venues at all so we had to stopped by at Jollibee to wash off our bad vibes mood.

Last stop: Eastwood! Went to NYFD to meet Ais for the Lights Out tix and for us to rest. Hahaha!


Bowling trip!!!

T’was a very long fun fun fun day! I so so so love my girls! ❤

Gustav Café

During my Pampanga trip with my bff Yani, we saw this awesome café along our way and we were like “Oh my god! Eiffel! Let’s go there!” And then there is it, we arrived to this beautiful place. Gustav Café was a Paris-themed café so it looks like you were in Paris, France. Hay, it feels like I wanna stay here forever!

There were only few tables inside the cafe  but it was decorated very nicely and they had huge photos of the Eiffel Tower from different angles all over, warm lighting from the pretty lamps, and cozy chairs, plus wi-fi connection.

It is sort of quiet inside the café. I think it would have been more nice if there’s a relaxing background music.

Caffe Mocha

Strawberry Ice Cream *RECOMMENDED!

It was a good experience dining at Gustav Cafe! I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back for more!