Make Reading A Habit!

This is the English Project that we worked on for 4th quarter. It was a project that our group put together in a week. It’s something about reading and worth reading. And here it is..

The 10 Benefits Of Reading:

Reading kills boredom.

Being serious in reading books can help you see the world in a better view.

Reading is something to be done in a daily basis.

Reading is gaining knowledge.

Read with your friends so that reading will not be boring anymore.

In the stairway to success, reading is an essential part.

Friendship grows stronger when you are reading together.

Reading unites people in different walks of life.

If you’re a computer nerd, there’s Google to help you out in reading articles.

Instead of playing around, just read so that you will learn.

The end is here. Thank you so much reading! I hope our group have influenced you to read on!


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