Happy Valentines Day!

Today celebrates Valentines Day but for me it’s just an ordinary day. I have been perfectly happy being single for 1 yr. and 3 months now. Can’t you believe it? And I’ve been rejecting guys since me and last boyfriend broke up. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid to get hurt or disappointed again. Either way it hurts. All I want is just a happy serious relationship, a love for a lifetime. That’s all. I wonder when will it happen for me? But you know what,  I’m just here willing to wait for that right time because I don’t want to rush in.

Now, let me share with you what my sister received today. My sister got 2 Sets of Roses, 2 Necklaces, 2 Infinity Rings and a stuff toy. The one is from her suitor while the other one is from her friend who’s truly madly deeply inlove to death with her. Isn’t she the luckiest girl in the world? She’s so loved.

And me? I got nothing this Valentines Day. Yeah, Forever alone! Well, I hope next year, I’ll be celebrating my Valentines Day with someone I can call the right one, someone I love with lots of gifts and surprises. Yay, hopefully!!  (crossed fingers) I know my magic man is out there, I can feel it. Chos! Hahahah!

Since I wasn’t that prepared for this year’s Valentines Day, I just ordered Red Velvet Cupcakes for my mom because I don’t really have much time to buy a gift for her. Atleast, I still didn’t forget her not like my younger sister. (HAHA)

I wrote a note outside the box to keep it more sweet 😉

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Spread the love <33333


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