Nueva Ecija Trip

Yesterday, we went home to my father’s province. We went swimming at Almon Waterpark together with some of the Punzalan Clan Members. My Tito Jojo treat us who came home from Saudi Arabia. I think it was a celebration for his new born baby. Not sure though, hehe.

Bye Lucky!

Meet the newest and cutest baby in our family!

We then went to see my grandfather’s grave site to light some candles and greet him a advance happy birthday!

This was when we finally reach the resort located at Sta. Rosa Nueva Ecija! T’was quite far!



Hello there cutie!

Kenneth, one of my handsome cousin. Hahahah!

Super hungry?

Ahhhhhhh, still cute even when she’s crying.

Yay, so much cuteness!!

Just a safety reminder 🙂

My super pasaway cousin! She always stressed out each and everyone of us! Hahahahahahahah!

The end is here. How was your weekend everyone? 🙂


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