We attended the most awaited party for this month of January and screwed bad luck last friday the 13th! EXPLOSION!!!!!

Me and Yani

We took some pictures to wash off our boredom while waiting for the car. Hahahhahahahahahah!!

The party was held at One Burgundy Plaza, Katipunan. Yeah, it’s a great place but I think it’s too small and the air conditioning units don’t have the capacity to make the whole place cold which is really annoying that’s why all the party people looks so exhausted.

Welcome to the party, Kayle!!! It was Kayle’s first time that’s why I’m really excited. Thank to Kayle’s parents for allowing her to go out!

Since the party haven’t started yet, we decided to look for a cheap fast food chain and grab dinner to fill our empty tummy.  Hello Jollibee!

This party was brought by Infinity Heights. Job well done you guys!

Kayle’s sexy hand

With Kayle, Yani and Faith


The disc jockeys!!!

Chock-full dance floor!!!

Julius and Faith spotted!!! ❤

We really did get lucky this Friday the 13th! Nice partying with you guys! Me and my friends are already looking forward to the PART 2 of this one! I bet part 2 will be more better and better. See you guys there! 🙂

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