MRT-riding Experience!

We’ve been so spontaneous today! We woke up late then talk shit about what have happened last night. Then after a few minutes, we ate our breakfast and make ourselves ready to go.

Our first stop was Podium: We spent our lunch hour there at NYPD. Pizza om nom nom nom!

Second stop was Abs-cbn: This is where we left Jm for his Star Magic practice.

Third stop was Greenhills: The driver went to a car wash so our only way of going there was to travel MRT from Quezon Ave to Santolan ‘coz we have no choice although I’ve expected what might happen while I’m inside the train. Well as for most of the people from around metro manila knew about MRT. Ticket booths are full and almost the entire area were loaded– which means there were lot of passengers.  Just recently I thought that riding the MRT along EDSA is a laughable experience somehow. Because in reality, riding MRT has a lot of annoyance for its passengers. I can tell that because during rush hours, as commuters struggle to get on board.

MRT Ticket

Daphne and Faith

Me, Darel and Gabe

Photo Credits: Faith Tan


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