Our party for the month of December 2011, AFTER CLASS. Held at Plaza Ibarra (77 Timog Avenue, South Triangle, QC).

Me and Daphne

Yani, Gabe and Ericka. My three beautiful drunken bestfriends!

Sexy without seeming slutty, ayt.

With Matt, my other bestfriend

The disc jockeys

Dj performance by Dj Heart and Dj Gail, (I don’t know who that guy is! HAHA)

Woah, wild crowd!

Buzzed, drunk and wasted! Thanks to Intensity Mobile Bar for serving us the most intense drink, ever!

Spell wasted

Yani and Alejandro

Julius and Faith ❤

Look at JV! Don’t you just love him when he’s drunk? HAHAHAH

Me, JV and Ericka

Photos on our way home..

The wasted queen

Picture with the wasted king before dropping him at his condo! HAHAHAH

The drunken couple

After Class was a blast! Well, I can say that it’s the most amazing party I’ve attended so far!  Though my parents got mad at me because I had sleepover at Gabe’s without asking for their permission but it’s okay. Everything was worth it naman. What else can I do you know, I’m also drunk that night and all I wanna do is just sleep that I can’t even go home. Thanks to my cool friends Ericka, Yani, Gabe, Darel, Daph, Matt, Faith, Julius and JV! I love you to the highest degree! Till our next party! 🙂

Photo credits: Faith Tan and James Pai!

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