Happy birthday, Clarice!

Last Dec 28, Clarice celebrated her birthday at Jollibee, Sta. Maria. It was a kiddie themed party, same as with mine. Anyways here’s the thing,  I wasn’t able to go because of uhm, there are so many reasons. I have no one to go with! Kayle, Yani, Jm and Gabe are out of the town, Ericka has no driver and Waf  is not available. So I decided not go na lang because I’m afraid I might got op. 😦 Even though Jenica tweeted me that morning na “Julie, see you later!” (something like that) I just replied “Try ko,” (not exactly what I said) and she was like “Nye, sumama ka na!” I just really don’t feel like going because of something.

The Celebrant

Cake blowing!!!
Happy happy happy happy happy belated birthday Clarice!!! I’m so sorry I missed your birthday. Although I can’t wish you a happy birthday in person; I’ll be spending my time here wishing you a happy belated birthday! I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true. I’m so lucky to have such a great friend like you… who’d forgive me for not going to your very special day.

Fodow, Champsy, Nep, Marge, Dannah, Jenica and Clarice with Jollibee. I can see how happy they was that day, too bad I missed out. Tsk tsk tsk! If you only guys knew how sad I was for not going to Clarice’s Sweet 16. Hays. I miss you guys so much and I miss going out with you!

When I woke up in the middle of the night, and I got a text from Champsy. And because I can’t go back to sleep I decided to just stayed up all night texting her. We discuss things and I confessed what I really feel about them. I hope she didn’t get upset or what. I just want to be real and straight to the point. I wish you guys can understand me.

Happy belated birthday again, Clarice!

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Choose a station, watch a gig, take a stand, and rock and roll! Here’s the line-up of Rock the Riles, Rock Ed Philippines’ 7th annual celebration of Int’l Human Rights Day!


Tanya Markova, Giniling Festival, Stonefree, Soapdish, Above Zero, Wika, Heavy Heavies, Hatankaru, AJKA, Soundvent, Eevee, Letter Day Story, Kaligta, Kilos, Circa, Not So Fast, Philia, Ginoong Vitalis, Dhruva tara, Game Theory, Nyctinasty and Ciudad Tribu — Rocking vs Hunger.


Noel Cabangon, Paramita, Hijo, Hilera, Turbo Goth, Camerawalls, FMD, Top Junk, Chongkeys, Ganhava, Alex in Wonderland, Miko Pepito, Faintlights, Allecia, Nityalila, OG Sacred, Midsummer, LTNS, and Toyo. Presented by Dakila — Rocking for Global Trade and Development.


Ebe Dancel, General Luna, Paolo Santos, Silent Sanctuary, Peryodiko, Duster, Malay, Kala, Caliphate, Paraluman, Gracenote, Kai Honasan, Akasha, Flying Ipis, Never the Strangers, Playphonics, Naked Lights, Armed Aesthetics, Progeny, Beyond Science and Fiction, Imaginary Friends and Ani Bughaw — Rocking for Education.


Radioactive Sago Project, UpDharmaDownm Encounters With A Yeti, Musical O, Sleepwalk Circus, Hidden Nikki, The Charmes, Not Another Boy Band, Dr.Strangeluv, FilterKeen, Steady Machine, . Presented by Terno Recordings — Rocking for the Environment.


Flippin’ Soul Stompers, Big Band Groove, Collie Herb, Goodleaf, The Oemons, The Go Signals, Fingertrap, Jeepney Joyride, The Strangeness, Nanay Mo, Tirso Cruise Three, Kevin’s Express and Wilderness. Presented by Mambo Rat Productions— Rocking for Gender Equality.


Intolerant, Reklamo, Bad Burn, Odat, Trapeze, Penguin, Gab n’ Josh, Parada, Arcadia, DOA,Fuzz, Pocket Full Of, Imelda, Love Sax and Magic, Htachbanko, Around the Metro, Lights in Transit, Last Minute, JZE, Lady Ransom, Jensen Gomez, Archievals, Harlequin Carnival, Twin Lobster and Sleep is the Enemy— Rocking vs HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Preventable Diseases.


CinemAlexis Film Showing — Rocking for Maternal Health.


Mayonnaise, Tonight We Sleep, Hansom, Subscapular, Sirens, Chris Cantanda, Blue Boy Bites Back, Pull It Surprise, Inday Bote, Jejaview, Save Me Hollywood and Shoulder State. Presented by Mary Moon Productions — Rocking for Children’s Health.

Note: More performers to come! Add Rock Ed on Facebook for updates!

MRT-riding Experience!

We’ve been so spontaneous today! We woke up late then talk shit about what have happened last night. Then after a few minutes, we ate our breakfast and make ourselves ready to go.

Our first stop was Podium: We spent our lunch hour there at NYPD. Pizza om nom nom nom!

Second stop was Abs-cbn: This is where we left Jm for his Star Magic practice.

Third stop was Greenhills: The driver went to a car wash so our only way of going there was to travel MRT from Quezon Ave to Santolan ‘coz we have no choice although I’ve expected what might happen while I’m inside the train. Well as for most of the people from around metro manila knew about MRT. Ticket booths are full and almost the entire area were loaded– which means there were lot of passengers.  Just recently I thought that riding the MRT along EDSA is a laughable experience somehow. Because in reality, riding MRT has a lot of annoyance for its passengers. I can tell that because during rush hours, as commuters struggle to get on board.

MRT Ticket

Daphne and Faith

Me, Darel and Gabe

Photo Credits: Faith Tan


Our party for the month of December 2011, AFTER CLASS. Held at Plaza Ibarra (77 Timog Avenue, South Triangle, QC).

Me and Daphne

Yani, Gabe and Ericka. My three beautiful drunken bestfriends!

Sexy without seeming slutty, ayt.

With Matt, my other bestfriend

The disc jockeys

Dj performance by Dj Heart and Dj Gail, (I don’t know who that guy is! HAHA)

Woah, wild crowd!

Buzzed, drunk and wasted! Thanks to Intensity Mobile Bar for serving us the most intense drink, ever!

Spell wasted

Yani and Alejandro

Julius and Faith ❤

Look at JV! Don’t you just love him when he’s drunk? HAHAHAH

Me, JV and Ericka

Photos on our way home..

The wasted queen

Picture with the wasted king before dropping him at his condo! HAHAHAH

The drunken couple

After Class was a blast! Well, I can say that it’s the most amazing party I’ve attended so far!  Though my parents got mad at me because I had sleepover at Gabe’s without asking for their permission but it’s okay. Everything was worth it naman. What else can I do you know, I’m also drunk that night and all I wanna do is just sleep that I can’t even go home. Thanks to my cool friends Ericka, Yani, Gabe, Darel, Daph, Matt, Faith, Julius and JV! I love you to the highest degree! Till our next party! 🙂

Photo credits: Faith Tan and James Pai!