JADED By. Allyssa Cabral

The love I should’ve known

Is heavy like a stone

But why’re so cold

Whenever we are close

Say if you’re just lying

Cause my heart keeps crying

I don’t why I feel this

It’s a bit strange, cause it’s you I miss

I forgot how everything else seems wrong

Cause my words are so strong

For exapmple, I love you

It’s a strong word for me it’s true

I can’t really help it

Cause I’m hoping we’re fit

I don’t mind the other who doubt

But it feels like magic when you’re around


THIS!!! We are required to do our own poem for english class but I wasn’t able to finish mine so I just asked my classmate who have lots of poem made all by herself  to give me one.  And guess what? I’m the one who think of a title for this. I named it Jaded because that’s how I see myself right now. I’m totally Jaded and it’s really depressing.  Hahahahahah! But seriously, this poem is something inspiring. It’s what helps me connect in a heartfelt way.  And it’s very related to my situation right now. Hayyyyy. I super loved this poem! Thanks to my classmate!!!!!


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