Supersale Bazaar – DAY 2

Went to Supersale Bazaar again second time around. But this time I was w/ Ericka, Kayle, Gabe, Daph, Faith & Julius. We arrived at the World Trade Center at around 4/5pm. We travelled for like 4 hours because we got stuck in a heavy traffic and it was a little crazy. Meaning to say we’re super late and that makes me sad because Camille Co‘s items were almost all gone when we got there. But! I can say that I’m still lucky enough because I got Vj Bianca‘s 2 pre-loved swimsuits. They’re sexy! And I also got the Turban I’ve been eyeing yesterday. Haaaaa.. All I can say is that it was meant for me! 🙂 My friends also gone wild on shopping galore. They bought so many random stuffs. I’m so happy for them..

Ericka w/ Ms. Camille Co

Kayle was too shy to have a picture w/ her! Ha ha!

And it was my fourth time to see her and my third time to talk to her. She’s my all time favorite fashion blogger! She’s so stunning, got my heart jumping. I love her!

Gabe and Daph w/ Lissa Kahayon

On our way home!  As Ericka said, “It’s a happy and tiring day!”

Photo Credits: Ericka Santiago


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