Halloween Party!

Below is a recap of Halloween 2011. Celebrated last Friday, Oct 28 at Champsy’s rooftop.

You can see the excitement in our faces from the very start.

Let the parlor games begin!

FIRST GAME: Eating exotic foods. No, not really.. They’re just covered w/ something eeky. Hahahahahahah!Here’s a closeup.. Can you see that awful look on my face? =))))

Before the next game started, each group is asked to create their own cheer for the introduction of each team.

While waiting for our team to be called..

Cheering our own team!!! Thanks to Kuya (don’t know his name) for coaching! Heheheheh!

SECOND GAME: Putukan na!!! Wil Time Bigtime inspired. Jenica on the move!

Me, jumping over joy and excitement! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA

THIRD GAME: Pinoy Henyo!

My partner, Yani. <333

The word was “London”.

Thank God, Yani got the answer correctly!!! Yehey me! Wieeeeee

The next part is the fashion show and talent portion!And the Face of the Night goes to Dindin!!!

Her talent: Trying to swallow a wood stick. Isn’t this the sickest thing ever?

We’re all so amazed and we’re like “What the shit?!” Hahahahahha!

Candle dance is her talent.

Face of the night, 1st runner up!

Super funny night!


For more photos and the brands I’m wearing, visit http://lookbook.nu/look/2625267-She-s-a-fairy-without-wings

My sister.. She’s also a fairy!

We’re from Fairyland!

With Chino, my brotha from another motha!

Trick or treat! From left to right: There’s me, Ericka who went without a costume, Jenica the black lady and Gabe who wasn’t in costume either. Hahahahahahahah!



Rawr lovin’

My friends.. They’re my life now.

Missing Kayle and Daphne.. 😦

The night wouldn’t be complete without drinks right?

Happy hour!!!! Some of my friends got drunk and said some things which  makes the night more exciting. Hahahahahahahahah!

Happy thirsty halloween guys!!!

It’s been a really fun night for me and also to my sister. We’re already looking forward to the next year’s Halloween party!

Photo Credits: Champsy Cardinal && Dannah Mendoza

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