This is how we started our October month at Club Circa, Eastwood. Ericka is the one who choose this party because she thought it’s going to be a great one.

Our one and only complete formal photo that night and as you can see it’s kinda blur, oh crap. Ha ha ha!

There’s Ericka, Me, Yani, Faith, Julius, Jmboy, Gabe and Mr. Stranger (lol)


Presenting.. THE YUMMYNESS PROD. ♥

MIRROR SHOTS (c) Gabrielle Mendoza aka Camille Co ❤



Cropped top + Denim shorts + Flats= Just a simple usual get up. We didn’t wear anything bongga that night because we thought it’s just an ordinary open party.

Disc jockeys!

Sheen on the move!


So uh, what’s in the vip section anyways?

This is where the groovy atmosphere come from.. Ahah!

The laser lights were also just awesome.

After the party, we went to Bedroom to grab late dinner with the Malayan guys. But then we have changed our minds so we end up eating at cliché M-c-Doooo where it is more enjoy and more homie.  Honestly speaking,  I didn’t enjoy that much at the party because we’re not allowed to drink because we’re still minors but underage drinking law is almost never enforced in our country naman.  And it’s a bit boring cuz’ most of the people who attended are teenagers, like 18 and up and they’re sort of oldies for us. Hahahah! But still it was fun though because I’m with my crazy friends.

Photo Credits: Gabe Mendoza and others..

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