Candy Fair 2011

I waited a whole year for this day to come. The Candy Fair 2011!!!So this was my first time attending Candy fair with my friends and I loved it. It was really fun! I had a blast hanging out with my new set of girl friends! And here are some of the pictures taken during the event.

Daphne, Yani, Me, Ericka, Kayle and Gabe

With my Candy girls at the photo wall

We arrived at the venue at roughly 10AM, I think. We just got there right on time.

One of the happiest girl on Candy land

When we entered the venue’s facade, we saw the other Candy girls signing up and getting their right wrist stamped. It was a quick process; we easily got our own Candy stamps and excitedly entered the venue.  We were shocked as we have never seen a venue that has been jampacked by candy cuties and overpopulated by candy girls.

At the Candie’s booth
Free tattoo from Candie’s! Cool tattoo reads, Heartbreak Princess

So this is where the RAWR Prod all started..

A Candie’s girl loves to be surrounded by friends.” Yay to new set of friends!  ♥

At the marriage booth

With my groom, JavierAnd I’m thrilled to announced that we are now officially married. Don’t forget so say Congratulations to the newly wed, ayt. Hahahahah, chosss! Even though I look like a total dumbass here, I’m still gonna post this one no matter what. Bwahahahahah!!

Meeting with the Certified Candy Cuties:

Adam Casiño

Aldrine Angeles

Alex Hegenscheidt

Anjo Damiles

Anthony Corpuz

Avery Paraiso

Cj Sparks

Clark Alpuerto

James McDermott

Jason Uy

Javier Manlongat

Javy Gil

Kyle Sparks

Lawrence Chua

Michael Ravina

Miguel Estenzo

Nzo Sarmiento

Rammy Bitong

Ryan Godfrey

Vince Yap 

Xavier Stepanek

Gotta love the Candy Cuties! Some were really nice, friendly and approachable. But some were like, ugh.

At the Pure n’ Fresh boothWith my bestfriend and forever partner in crime, Katrina!

Meet my guy bestfriend, Jmboy. Our very own Candy Cutie! LOL. The soon to be Candy Cutie I sould say, chos! Hahhahahahah!

Loyal Candy girl

Candy Fair won’t be possible for me, if I’m not with them, these girls are the best! Thank you and I love you ❤

I wasn’t able to see the program thing. Unfortunately, my friends and I had to go home early. Well, not really going home. I mean going somewhere far pa. Meaning to say, I wasn’t able to see my crushes like Somedaydream and others.. But promise, next year baby. Thank you, Candy Magazine for this biggest event that every Candy Girl wants ! It’s a day worth remembering! We promised that we will make it a habit of attending annual Candy Fair.

Photo Credits: Gabrielle Nicole Mendoza

Didn’t get to attend this year’s Candy Fair? Don’t worry there’s always a next time! See you next year! 🙂


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