We decided to eat first before going to the bar. We found a Tokyo tokyo fast food resto so we easily jumped in there and grabbed some dinner. Well, Johnric treated us over dinner. It’s his birthday treat for us!

While waiting for our orders to be served..What has everyone been busy doing?Just keeping ourselves busy

After eating dinner we hurriedly went to the venue because we are really running late.. ..The party was held at the Blue Onion, Eastwood.But despite of the rush we still managed to goof out at each otherAt the entranceMe and JenicaLooking excitedSo there’s this guy who came towards me and asked me to have a picture with him Flashing party lightsPartying on our ownFucking around like no one caresNep, Rice, Jmboy & MeRunning to the dance floorBustedWe went outside in the middle of the night to catch some fresh air I love themParty people looking exhaustedClarice!!! Hahahahahahahahah!I was one of the lucky few who got a free CONVICTED baller.It was Fodow’s birthday the next day, Sept 10 so when the clock struck midnight, we all greeted him a happy happy happy happy happy birthday!!!
Me with the birthday celebrants of September! Fodow and Nep ❤What’s going on?You ain’t messing with my dougieeeeeeeeeMy cool friendsHappy happy happy happy happy birthday Nep!!!!
RevelsI really really love themAfter the party, we dropped by at Mini Stop to grab some snacks before going home. I enjoyed that night so so so much, it was insane. Thank you so much guys! Birthday high five through the airways!

Photo Credits: Dannah Mendoza & Lucem Ferre

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