Went to an event this saturday weekend w/ Ericka, Yani, Gabe & Jmboy. Ericka invited me over. The party was held at the Corinthian Garden Clubhouse – South Hall, Ortigas Pasig City.Honestly, it’s my first time to attend an open party and it was fun fun fun fun. I meet some new people and I meet my new set of friends for this school year.

With my party friends

Take a look at our outfit that night

The door fee is $300. It includes free:Glow sticks


And condoms

Shots by Intensity Mobile Bar

Let’s all get drunk!

Cool hulk bouncers

Ready to party!


Turn it up

Party people

Caught in the act


Sexy back


NEW FOUND FRIEND: Bambalicious from Don Bosco.

The party ended early because some conflict happened. So we went to Bedroom, Eastwood after with Bamba and his two friends because we’re sort of “bitin”. We stayed there for an hour then go home.Me and Ericka ❤

The End

Photo Credits: Born to Create Heat (Prod)


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