Let’s play

We went to Marquee mall before heading home for stop over and then some. But Ericka went straight home after we check out. Anyways, what happened is, we were divided into two groups. Because the half of the group wanted to watch Final Destination 5 while the others including me just want to feed our hungry tummy because I’ve already seen that movie same as with the twins. So, we decided to have our lunch at Tokyo Tokyo because of their unli rice offer while the other group went to the movie house.

Our President and Treasurer! Wahahahahah!!

Hungry faces on the go!

My partner! Actually, he’s the pinakamataw awardee! HAHAHAHA

Pj, the drummer boy.

The twins!!!

We’ve decided to stayed for an hour at the fast food chain muna after eating and had some kwentuhan session which is really fun that it makes us want to eat more, joke! I mean it makes us feel more emotionally stable, trusting and more bonded. Nux!  Then, we went upstairs to meet the other group because they texted us that they are already done watching FD5.

Marge & Fodow!!

My beautiful friends!

Then we went to the arcades which had some very random and very fun games!  Some of the boys go racing to look for a thrill..

Some played basketball..Go Champsy!!!

Go Rupert!!!

Others played video games and few arcade games..

Rupert with Champsy looking serious..

Bang! Bang! Bang!

While me and some of my friends went videoke-singing!

Love is all around.. ♥



The videoke star! The singing diva!

Marge was like.. .___________.

My favorite song!!! Remembered something, lol.

Sing your heart out!

Me and Marge

The good guys I’m grateful for!

After a couple of hours of singing, we finally decided to get up and go home and slowly walked back back to the parking lot.

High five escalator!

Post up at the parking lot

On the way home..Bwahahahahhaha! The end is here, folks. I really had a wonderful time with you guys and I am looking forward to our next Fontana trip! And I love you from the bottom of my heart! ♥

Photo Credits: Champsy Cardinal && Dannah Mendoza

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