Ericka’s Sweet 16 ♥

Attended Ericka’s Glam at 16 party @ 130 Resto Bar Inc. A Venue, Makati last July 23, 2011. Actually, it’s her advanced celebration of her 16th birthday. So yeah.. It has been one of the most amazing night  that I wouldn’t forget!

It’s a Masquerade themed party!Treng, Kayle, Me and Clarinne

So here it goes..
Clarinne registering for our attendance

Pictures with the celebrant and my friends ❤

Patrice, Kayle, Clarinne, Ericka, Treng, Me, Anna, Steffi and Tine

16 wishes part..(Feeling inside..) Omg! You know what.. What can I wish you? What can I possibly wish you? Ahah! Wanna know what my wish is? Click here.

Here we go. Yay! Happy early birthday, Ericka!

Big hug from the gorgeous celebrant!

16 Wishes

16 Shots

Ericka Galang Santiago ♥ She is and forever will be one of the most special and beautiful people that I have ever known.

All photos we’re grabbed. Credits to the owners!

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