Junior Senior Promenade 2011

After waiting for so many years! Here comes the most exciting part of being a highschool student, to experience JS PROM. Our PROM was held just so yesterday, a day that every Junior is waiting for. It was an old-fashioned Victorian-themed masquerade party. That’s why most of us had a hard time looking for what to wear.

Had my Hair and Makeup at Hair Kingdom Salon, located at Robinson’s Balagtas

My Junior Year Prom Dress is a custom-made and personally designed by me. Whatcha say? 🙂

With my very supportive sister!

Kc, Kayle, Clarinne, Tin,  Anna, Katria, Me, Beisa, Mariz, Treng and Waf. My girls!

With SLR peeps and our mother, Mrs. Luzviminda Estrella! Hi Job! 🙂

Anna and Yves ❤

One of my true friends, Chelsie.

Hide and Cheska ❤

Bru, my cutest bff!

JV, Treng and Danielle

Treng and Sephy

My date throughout the whole night, Kirt Yvan Jan Abellano ♥

My forever bff’s!

After the Prom thing, we had an After Party at Sitio Lucia Resort Ready to swim!

Treng and Kathy

Eunice, Georgette and Kathy

Damn. Isn’t he a lucky guy? 🙂

Soaking wet

With the people that I do loved now! They’re really fun to be with!

My first JS PROM was a B-L-A-S-T! It was very amazing, romantic and magical. I danced with the guy I love, mingled with my classmates and friends and many more . It is totally a night to remember! I will never ever forget this event in my entire life, ever! And I will keep this in my heart forever!