Highlight of the Day: Parvati

I spent the day today pigging out with Yani and Tita Beth. Yes, we really eat a lot! We went out to eat for lunch at Tres, The Annex. Tita Beth ordered 4 Main dish just for us three and ordered 2 orders of rice which is good for 3 per order plus a super big buko juice for each of us. I was like, “Oh man! Too much!”

After a few hours, we stopped by at Parvati located in Trinoma for merienda. Ahuh, this is my favorite part! The highlight of my day! Since Yani’s craving for so much dessertsss, Tita Beth brought us here. Feels like heaven!


The Dome

Triple Decker Chocolate Cheesecake

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes

Yours truly

Before heading home to their place, we dropped by at Pizza Hut, SM Marilao just to buy 2 boxes of pizza! Grabeee! Sayang, we can’t eat them any longer because we’re so much full, full, full! Hahahahahah!

I super enjoyed our food trip today! Thanks to them especially to Tita Beth who paid everything!  Love them both! ❤


Goodbye Summer Job!

In one of our requirement, we had to take photos yesterday at work for our portfolio. And as most of you know, today is the day we’ve been waiting for all this time of summer. It’s our last working day as a Clerk for this year at Brgy. San Juan. I’m feeling really happy because we are finally done with our contract but at the same time, sad. Sad because  I’m gonna miss everything and everyone at work! It has been a wonderful time working there among great people. Though it’s kind of awkward because most of them are a lot older than me there are only about 2 people who are close to my age. Hehe. I loved my job! Working has made me learn a lot.

Alex and Angelo



Rockin’ the Secretary’s Office! I know it’s kinda fail but I can’t help but laugh at the shooting because they were all watching me! Scripted much? Hahahahahahah!

Alex working on the computer

Thank you so much everyone especiall to Alex for all the photos! ❤

Young and Innocent

The caption says it all! This look shows that I’m young and innocent, lol! Obviously, it’s a summer look that actually looks good under the sun! As you can see, it’s light and girly. The color combination perfectly match the weather. Agree? 🙂

I got the yellow ring in our school’s Book Fair when I was in 2nd year high school while the other ring is my Mom’s. And all the bracelets are also owned by my Mom. My mom believed that they are lucky charms that’s why she always wears those kind of bracelets everywhere she goes.

Tank Top, Billabong | Skirt, Kirin Kirin

Socks, Artwork | Jeffrey Campbell Insipired Shoes, Nava

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Happy Birthday, Jmboy! <3

Last April 19, Thursday we went somewhere in San Miguel, Bulacan to celebrate Jmboy’s 16th on his actual birthday. The place is owned by his Uncle who’s a well-known politician in Bulacan. I think it’s a rest house, a private place used only by his family and their guests. I can say that it is  a very nice place where you can relax after you visit the town and also a really great place to stay. It has a private pool, a mini farm, great rooms and a beautiful view! Perfect!

We travelled for like 2 hours. Yeah, it’s quite far but it was worth it. First thing we did when we reached the place was, we rest then had a quick lunch, took a walk on the farm, merienda, swimming and dinner. Then we went back to Jmboy’s house to continue his birthday celebration. We had a mini inuman session sponsored by Darel, my baby. And for the finale, we had a scary and fun sleepover!

The birthday boy!

Happy happy happy happy happy birthday BB! I wish you all the best! Mwahh

Livin’ The Sweet Life

Here’s a very girly and sweet look that’s perfect this summer!

Bracelet, Bvlgari | Bangles, Brand X | Fancy Gemstone Ring, Genevieve Gozum

Usamimi Headband, Korea | Popsicle Necklace, Gift | Cropped Top, Bayo | Skirt, Birthday gift from Korin Castro

Vivienne Westwood Insipired Jelly Wedge, Nepo Mall

Happy Weekend folks! xx

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Good Friday: Visita Iglesia

Today, after my mom finished the Pabasa in our subdivision our whole family went out for a Visita Iglesia just near our home. We simply did Bulacan Churches. This year, we visited 7 Churches unlike last last year we only had 5 Churches. But supposed to be, when you do a Visita Iglesia you should visit 14 Churches and we’re just only half the goal. Hopefully, next year we could make it through 14 Churches!

1. St. Martin de Porres Parish, Guiginto Bulacan

2.  Sta. Rita de Casia Parish, Guiginto Bulacan

3. St. Augustine Parish, Baliwag Bulacan

Mcdo stop over!!!

4. St. James Parish, Plaridel Bulacan

5. Santisima Trinidad, Plaridel Bulacan

6. Barasoain Church, Malolos City Bulacan

7. Malolos Cathedral, Malolos City Bulacan

Have a blessed Holy week people of God! 🙂

Carpe That Fucking Diem

For my new look, I blend a Modern Boho Outfit and here’s the finish product:

Vest, Nava | Lace Tank Top, (I forgot!) | Butterfly Vintage Necklace, (Gift!)

March Candy Charm Bracelet, Candy Mag | Watch, Aldo

Tribal Bandage Skirt, Custom Made

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Inspired Booties, Primadonna

Before I say goodbye, let me share with you something about my skirt. Honestly, it’s not really a skirt. It’s more of a top. I got it from my bestfriend’s boyfriend who had a Thrift Shop just so last year. And I made it into an actual skirt. It’s cute right? 🙂

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